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Aligned 2018 Session:Supporting Non-Traditional Retailer Channels


These days, chances are that consumers are not only seeing a brand at their local independent retailer. Consumers are often exposed to or can purchase a brand’s products elsewhere, and it's important that brands keep these non-traditional retailers in mind when developing their marketing strategies.

In addition to traditional retailers, Hill's Pet Nutrition has a long history of partnering with thousands of veterinarians and shelters across the country. In this session, you'll learn how Hill's Pet has built relationships with these accounts to drive sales and work toward a shared mission of improving the lives of pets and their owners.

Whether you sell medical devices through doctors' offices, flooring via contractors or have yet to explore non-traditional retailer channels, this session will be key to broadening your brand's horizons to increase your consumer reach.


In this session, you'll learn:

  • How to identify potential partners in marketing your brand
  • Tips for building relationships with these accounts
  • How to enhance your content development via non-traditional retailers
  • Why looking beyond just retailers is so important for your business
  • Methods for overcoming the challenges of engaging your non-traditional retailers

Session Speakers

Keith Lehman  
Head of Digital and Social Content for Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Keith Lehman is the head of Digital and Social content for Hill’s Pet Nutrition (a Colgate company). Keith has worked in the Digital Marketing area for the last seven years, ranging from Social Media, Content Planning, E-commerce, E-mail and Search. Keith is proud to have helped bring Hill’s Digital discipline to L2’s #1 spot for the pet food industry for 2017 using strategic planning and working with great partners. He plans to extend the re-formulated content approach for Hill’s into the hands of retailers, shelters and vet clinics across the country.