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Aligned 2018 Session:1000s of Local Consumer Touchpoints: Promoboxx Product Roadmap


Joe Bracken, VP of Product at Promoboxx, will share the Promoboxx vision for how brands engage more consumers and increase “intent-to-purchase” actions through their local retailers. Local marketing is incredibly powerful, and when done right, the consumer knows what to buy and precisely where to buy it. In this session, attendees will see firsthand the power of a marketing message when it is delivered by local retailers and the Promoboxx products that enable this vision -- including landing pages and targeted digital advertising.

Session Speakers

Joe Bracken  
VP of Product at Promoboxx

Joe Bracken has over 20 years of experience spanning all aspects of product development, from concept development to enterprise sales. Joe Bracken has led the Product and Engineering teams at Promoboxx for the past year and a half. In his free time, Joe is a violinist, an avid foodie, and a connoisseur of fine technology.