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Aligned 2018 Session:Demo Daze: Making an Impression In-Store


Independent retailers are looking for creative ways to stand out from big box stores and one proven solution is hosting in-store events that draw communities together. When a store hosts an event, they are able to provide a more personalized experience for new and current customers, while creating buzz around new products from brands. Events can lead to brand and retailer loyalty and long-lasting relationships with their customers.


In this session, Cat Bartash from Wheelworks will provide insight into her role hosting product-centric events with brands and sales reps, including:

  • How brand and sales rep support can make a difference
  • Success stories of past partner events
  • The importance of knowing your local community

Session Speakers

Cat Bartash  
Buyer at WheelWorks

Cat Bartash never planned on working in a bike shop. She thought that the bike shop position would be part-time for a summer. A summer job turned into a year, then a decade and is still going today. Now she is an avid cyclist who interacts closely with customers as well as bike companies. Cat has a specific interest in encouraging female riders - when she started at the bike shop only a few bikes were geared towards women, and most of them were pink and had flowers on them. Cat is not a pink or flowery kind of woman.

With the support of her employers and the industry, Cat started to lead women's rides and hold women's clinics. She has watched the industry and number of female riders grow over the years and enjoys hosting events that encourage everyone to get on a bike.