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Aligned 2018 Session:Letting Your True Colors Shine: How to Flex Your Communication Style More Effectively


When it comes to working effectively with others, what often causes conflict is our inability to understand each other. We know that people process information, make decisions, and communicate in different ways, but when we don’t have a framework through which we can see and value these differences, we get stuck.

In a sea of personality assessments, the True Colors framework stands out for being simple to understand and easy to apply quickly and broadly. When you understand which color shines most brightly in you, you can use that awareness to adapt your approach to your retail accounts, your team, and other relationships, to have a greater impact.


In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand your primary communication style through the lens of the True Colors framework
  • Discover the strengths and opportunities of your communication style, as well as those of others
  • Discuss tactics for flexing your communication style to influence, navigate conflict, and build stronger relationships with others

Session Speakers

Laura Parrott  
VP of Leadership & Management at HubSpot, and founder of LPLP, LLC.

Laura Parrott brings years of experience working with managers and leaders at tech companies and beyond to her practice. In her current role at HubSpot as their VP of Leadership & Management, as well as in her former role as a Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Google, she helps people managers and leaders strategically approach the challenges of leading at scale. She co-developed and facilitated a highly regarded, multi-day leadership program for top talent at Google, and worked with individuals and teams on intra and interpersonal skills. She has designed interactive sessions on influencing, emotional intelligence, team effectiveness, and inclusion. Laura is a seasoned facilitator who is known for compassionately working with groups and individuals to shift their mindsets and enable effective behavior change.

In addition to HubSpot and Google, Laura co-creates and leads innovative development programs for high potential business leaders. Clients include local Boston tech companies, as well as the US Olympic Committee. She regularly coaches emerging leaders from startups in the Boston area, and was a highly regarded facilitator and designer for’s Emerge and Exchange programs.