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Aligned 2017 Session:The Future of Local Commerce is Person to Person (Panel)


Consumers have unlimited choices of what, where and when to purchase products and services, and with choice comes power -- Consumers, not businesses, own the buyer journey in today’s retail marketplace. And if #AmazonWholeFoods told us anything, it was that e-Commerce alone is not sustainable for growth in a market that values the service, customer experience, and community involvement that only independent, local retailers can truly excel at.

In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from veteran retail industry CEOs on the future of commerce, and what your brand needs to do now to capture retail loyalty, mindshare, and the battle for revenue.


  • How to work with your retailers to deliver a better, more personalized customer experience through new revenue streams like appointment setting, in-store events, and clienteling
  • Why the most powerful marketing often happens in-person as an extension of your brand
  • How you can build meaningful relationships and trust by making it easy for both retailers and consumers to do business with you
  • Changes you can make now that can have a substantial impact on your marketing operation, buyer journey, and analytics
  • Results you can expect, including the impact to your sales velocity and conversion rates, in-store foot traffic and predictability, and the average customer transaction value

Session Speakers

Ben Carcio  
CEO and Co-Founder at Promoboxx

Ben is the CEO and Co-founder of Promoboxx, the leading digital marketing platform for manufacturing brands. Ben first identified the need for Promoboxx when working at his family package store, where he saw how brands supported their independent retailers with off-line promotional materials, but found that they did nothing to help them with digital promotion. Since being accepted into TechStars (Boston '11), Promoboxx has grown to work with industry-leading brands including Chevrolet, Nissan, Trek Bicycles, New Balance, and GE Appliances, and has helped thousands of independent retailers, just like his parents’ package store, market better online. Promoboxx has raised over $11mm from investors that include Ascent Venture Partners, Grotech Ventures, Converge Venture Partners, Boston Seed, and Launch Capital. Ben is a Boston native, and when not working, enjoys skiing, hiking and just being with his family.

Ben Hindman  
CEO and Co-Founder at Splash

Ben Hindman is Co-Founder and CEO of Splash, the event marketing software used by over half of the Fortune 500 and leading retailers like lululemon, anthropologie, Patagonia, Nike, and MAC Cosmetics.

Prior to Splash, Hindman was head of events for publishing giant Thrillist, where he produced everything from mystery fly-aways to full-scale concerts. He is also a co-founder of Summit Series, the renowned invite-only destination event for the greatest minds in tech.

Gary Ambrosino  
CEO at TimeTrade

Gary drives all aspects of TimeTrade’s business, directing the company’s growth, continued innovation and market leadership. He has been creating and leading innovative early stage companies and establishing accelerated sales and valuation growth for more than 25 years. Gary joined TimeTrade in 2010 as president and COO, becoming CEO in 2014. Before TimeTrade, he headed Cognio (acquired by Cisco) where he pioneered the field of intelligent spectrum management for Wi-Fi systems. Earlier, Gary cofounded SecureMedia (acquired by Google), one of the first DRM encryption systems for online content, and spent 7 years with Hewlett-Packard in Silicon Valley. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell and an MBA from Harvard University.