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Aligned 2017 Session:Puppies vs. Babies: How to Create Content that Resonates


Does your content sizzle? Babies, puppies, kittens, food, weddings, selfies..our social channels are filled with so many things. How can brand marketers capture the attention span of consumers and still deliver on campaign KPIs?

Since Aligned 2016, 60K campaigns have been created on Promoboxx. After analyzing the campaign results across multiple verticals, we have discovered best practices to create award-winning marketing campaigns.


In this session, you will learn how to build a content roadmap that helps you:

  • Utilize Promoboxx to execute on your strategic marketing plan (Key retail seasons, Sell-into retailers, selling through to consumers)
  • Learn how consumers interact with content and what type of content will perform better for your audiences
  • Increase consumer engagement and in-store traffic through paid digital ads
  • Evaluate retailer feedback to assess future campaign content and strategies
  • Learn from your past campaigns and optimize new and ongoing campaigns

Session Speakers

Ali Cassis  
Senior Brand Account Manager, Promoboxx

As a Senior Brand Account Manager at Promoboxx Ali works on the Brand Team helping our brand partners optimize the platform to best reach their strategic goals. Ali works with over 15 brands across all of Promoboxx’s verticals to help our customers be the best brand to retailer marketers they can be. Optimizing and guiding our customers on the platform best practices and tailoring it best meet their needs.

Johanna Fiedler  
Director of Retailer Team at Promoboxx

As Director of the Retailer Team at Promoboxx, Johanna oversees the team that supports and empowers thousands of retailers and sales reps with their digital marketing efforts to become better, more successful business people. Responsible for educating and optimizing the social presence for more than 30,000 retailers across the globe, the businesses that Johanna collaborates with represent a variety of industries and range from tech gurus to those just getting started online.

Johanna has presented social media trainings at several industry events, including Mohawk’s 2016 Solutions Fast Forward Convention, Shaw Floors’ 2016 Connect Convention, and the 2017 Fleet Feet Conference. She has also hosted WebEx sessions for education portals such as AudiologyOnline and Mohawk University.

When she’s not focusing on retailers, Johanna spends her free time cycling, finding cute puppies to pet, and eating all the wonderful food that Boston’s South End has to offer!