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Aligned 2017 Session:Price Isn’t Everything: How GE Appliances Drives Local Sales


GE Appliances, like many other organizations, relies on key retail holidays to help drive annual revenue for the company. However, these marketing initiatives often have price-driven messaging. The challenge becomes implementing the right marketing mix to increase foot traffic and local sales outside of the traditional retail holiday seasons.

The good news is, the field marketing team at GE Appliances has developed a secret sauce for retailer marketing that centers on consumer needs outside of the retail holiday window, including moving, remodeling, and replacements.


In this session, you’ll get a preview of GE’s secret recipe, including how to:

  • Identify your key consumer need groups.
  • Lead with the expertise of your independent retailers (instead of a price point offer message!)
  • Build a roadmap to strategically filling the “white space” of your promotional calendar—so you can drive more local sales year round.
  • Achieve double digital growth like the GE team by implementing a winning local marketing strategy!

Session Speaker

Erica Bovard  
Senior Field Marketing Manager, GE Appliances

Erica Bovard is a Senior Field Marketing Manager with GE Appliances. Bovard helped launch the company’s first shopper marketing team. She is responsible for creating marketing strategy for regional and small businesses for retail and builder channels. Bovard works directly with independent business owners, marketing executives, buyers and ad agencies to create customized campaigns and programs that meet unique needs of the local market and customer.

Bovard has a broad marketing background including: national advertising, channel management, brand development, and category management. When not traveling to meet with customers, Erica lives in Louisville, Kentucky.